Starpoint Resort Group shares three ways to have a great time in Vegas and still save money

For those looking to save some money and still enjoy Las Vegas to the fullest, Starpoint Resort Group has reviewed some top tips.

Las Vegas is full of exciting, but expensive activities that could be stressful to plan if funds are low. It might feel impossible to enjoy a vacation on The Strip when you don’t have the cash to spare on fancy restaurants, expensive shows, and costly hotels. But there are ways to still enjoy what Vegas has to offer without spending loads of money, and here are just a few that Starpoint Resort Group has reviewed.

  1. Stay in one of the less-known hotels. Chances are that you won’t be in your hotel room for most of the trip, so as long as the accommodations are ideal for sleeping, it should be just fine. There are plenty of cheaper hotels in Vegas that are still nice to stay at that will help with conserving money during a vacation on the strip.
  2. Plan a day specifically for sight-seeing. The strip itself is home to several hotels, casinos, and other various sights that could fill a whole day with exciting activities that would come to a grand total of $0. The cost for food during the day would be the only concern, but there are several inexpensive restaurants to eat at in Vegas, which will be a travel budget’s best friend.
  3. Try to skip the gambling. Gambling is something you can do at any state, so it’s best to conserve money for more exciting activities in Vegas. The money that would go toward gambling can be put toward one of the unique shows that Vegas has to offer, or toward having at least one fancy meal during the trip. Even though Vegas has so much to offer in the world of gambling, the money that would be used there could be put toward something that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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Starpoint Resort Group reviews that there is a wide variety of shops and malls that are available at the different hotels and resorts in Las Vegas. Guests can walk in and out of the different resorts and experience unique boutiques and upscale stores. For those who may want to do some shopping off The Strip, there are many different malls and outlets available in the greater Las Vegas area. Be sure to visit some of these great places for an unforgettable shopping experience.

  • Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas: About 30-40 minutes outside of Las Vegas, these Fashion Outlets offer the best high-end brands and department stores. Guests can stroll around and find incredible deals at up to 75% off at dozens of designer stores.
  • Las Vegas Premium Outlets – North: Located in the heart of downtown of Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Premium Outlets is a shopper’s paradise. These outlets offer some of the most high-end brands at unbeatable prices. Some popular labels include Dolce & Gabbana, Tory Burch, Ted Baker, and 7 For All Mankind.
  • Boulevard Mall: Starpoint Resort Group reviews that the Boulevard Mall has much to offer its guests. This shopping location has almost one million square feet of retail and eating space. One of the features of this mall is that it contains a wide range of shoe stores. Whether you are looking for a new pair of running shoes or the perfect pair of pumps for a night out on the town, Boulevard Mall has it all.

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536054_10152715117580556_636205300_n Starpoint Resort Group reviews that there a number of wonderful resorts and casinos that are located on The Strip in Las Vegas. Guests are able to stop into a variety of different hotels and check out all the unique attractions that it features. When exploring Caesars Palace, visitors can easily be occupied for hours on end. This resort is home to The Forum Shops, Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis, Fizz Las Vegas, and much more.

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Starpoint Resort Group reviews that when in Las Vegas, a majority of people stay on The Strip. This area is like a little town of its own, with various restaurants, shops, and luxurious resorts that are available. While staying on The Strip, many people may be motivated to walk up and down the street all day and night to save some money. However, there are many other modes of transportation that are available, so be sure to take a look at some of these tips regarding taxicabs, shuttles, and rental cars.

  • Rental Cars: For those who are planning on staying on The Strip but would like to travel outside of this area, consider looking into a rental car. Some of these car companies offer very reasonable daily rates that will definitely make it worthwhile. Regarding parking these rental cars, most of the parking in Las Vegas is free, especially on The Strip.
  • Shuttle Buses: When traveling to Las Vegas by plane, look into a shuttle bus to take you to The Strip from the airport. These buses offer low round-trip rates that make it cheaper than taking a taxicab. While on The Strip, most hotels and resorts offer free or inexpensive shuttles that make various stops in the area.
  • Taxi Cabs: Starpoint Resort Group reviews that when all else fails, you can take a taxicab to the numerous different attractions in Las Vegas. Many people think that these cab rides are expensive, and they certainly can be. There are websites out there that allow you to estimate how much a cab ride costs if you plug in the destination that you are wishing to go to.

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Starpoint Resort Group reviews that Las Vegas is one of the premier destinations for travelers this summer. Sin City is home to a variety of spectacular attractions that make this city so unique. Guests can stroll down The Strip and encounter different cultures in the resorts, take pictures with people who are dressed up as popular celebrities and characters, and enjoy a multitude of unique shopping experiences. In order to make your Las Vegas trip most enjoyable, be sure to check out some of the popular spots.

  • Head down to the Wynn Las Vegas and enjoy gorgeous man-made sites that will surely make your jaw drop. Visitors can venture inside the resort and experience a large mountain and waterfall that is complete with lights and stunning architecture.
  • The Stratosphere is considered the tallest building in all of Nevada and is certainly not for people who are afraid of heights. The resort is home to four different rides that will surely give guests a thrill. The attractions include X-Scream, Big Shot, SkyJump, and Insanity: the Ride.
  • Although Las Vegas has ideal weather conditions throughout the year, it can tend to get a little hot in the summer months. One great way to beat the heat in Las Vegas is to take a dip in one of the many luxurious swimming pools across The Strip.
  • Starpoint Resort Group reviews that one of the many features that Vegas has is the opportunity to take advantage of delicious buffets. Many of these buffets allow guests to come back multiple times in a certain time period with only one set fee.

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Starpoint Resort Group reviews that Las Vegas is known for its bustling nightlife and lavish casinos. There also can be a variety of unique attractions found in the various hotels along the strip. The Venetian offers visitors the wonderful opportunity to take a gondola ride throughout the hotel or outside the resort. Guests can choose from either option, and can also decide to rent out the whole gondola to create a more romantic and intimate ride with their significant other.



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When thinking of Las Vegas, one usually thinks of nightclubs, gambling, great drinks, and unforgettable performances. However, when you are traveling to Vegas with children, you may not be able to do some of these things with your kiddos in tow. For example, the casinos in the resorts restrict people to the area only if they are 21 years of age or older. Starpoint Resort Group reviews that what many people do not know is that there are a plethora of attractions that are kid friendly and will ensure an unforgettable vacation for the whole family.

  • When traveling with children to Las Vegas, be sure to look at the hotels that are more kid-friendly. Some of the resorts offer many attractions that will be both fun and entertaining for children. For example, Circus Circus has a full circus performance in the hotel every day. Try going to the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay where there are 15 different species of sharks and hundreds of other animals. You can also take a ride on the roller coaster on top of New York-New York and experience a thrilling adventure.
  • There are plenty of stage shows that welcome all ages and are perfect for children. Some of these performances include Phantom, Mac King, LOVE, the light and sound performance in the downtown area of Fremont Street, magic shows, and more.
  • If you want to take a day trip while staying in Las Vegas, Starpoint Resort Group reviews taking the kids to tour the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon National Park.


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Vacations are the perfect time to relax, seek some adventure, and best of all, relieve some of that stress you have from your everyday life. However, these trips are frequently expensive and require people to take time off from their busy lives to plan a vacation. Starpoint Resort Group reviews that while it may be difficult to plan a weeklong vacation, weekend getaways are a great way to relax and go somewhere new for just a few days. For those who are living near the San Francisco area, here are two of the top weekend getaway destinations this summer.

A quick weekend trip to Lake Tahoe is perfect for people who live near San Francisco. This city offers much to do for tourists in the summer months, with ideal weather for exploring outside and delectable restaurants to dine at. Although this destination is known for its ski resorts during the winter months, there are also a wide variety of sports to do in the summer. Guests are able to go hiking and biking while exploring the beautiful terrain. People are also able to go paddle boarding in the lake and enjoy the beautiful waters.

Starpoint Resort Group reviews also taking a trip to Monterey and Carmel. This weekend destination is ideal for either a quick family vacation or a romantic trip for two. Monterey is home to the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium, which hosts many exhibits and aquatic species. In Carmel, you can stroll down the quaint streets and stop into the local shops and restaurants, while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

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One of the many reasons that Mexico is so popular is because of its great beaches and resorts. Starpoint Resort Group reviews many of the popular hotspots that tourists can findincluding Cancun, Cozumel, and Cabo San Lucas. With such great views and luxurious amenities, it is easy to see why these places are so common among travelers. While these places provide stunning hotels and beach resorts, there are many other areas that are great for those looking to swim.

The ocean is a magnificent place when looking to swim, view all kinds of sea life, and take part in some great water activities, such as jet skiing and kayaking. However, there are several other locations that are ideal for swimming that most tourists are not aware of. These swimming hotspots are called cenotes, and are groundwater pools that are used by the Mayans. These clear and pristine waters offer an entirely new experience for guests, and are located in various parts of Mexico. Not only can people swim and relax in these cenotes, but they can also take advantage of the wealth of sea life and go fishing. It is easy to spend all day at one of these cenotes, as they are often calm and peaceful, with subtropical trees and all kinds of wildlife inhabiting the area.

Starpoint Resort Group reviews these cenotes which are oftentimes very close to beaches and resorts, and can be seen through tours that a variety of travel agencies offer. Three of the most common cenotes in Mexico include Cenote Yokdzonot, Cenote Dos Ojos, and Cenote Azul.

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The primary attractions for tourists to visit while in Mexico are all of the pristine and luxurious beaches and resorts. These beaches are great for relaxation, drinking, tanning, and water sports. However, this isn’t all that Mexico has to offer its tourists. With a rich and interesting history, Starpoint Resort Group reviews the countries many sites that visitors of all ages should check out.

Mexico City, the capital and hub of Mexico, is home to many places for entertainment and history. Among the many attractions that are available, some include sporting arenas and theaters that are equipped with state of the art amenities. While the city is bustling with tourists and travelers, it is also a huge hub for business as well.

Merida is the home of a rich Mayan history and is perfect for people looking to go on an adventurous day trip, touring the various historical sites. This city includes archaeological and historical sites that are a favorite among tourists. Another popular site are the 17th century cathedrals and caves that can be explored.

Also, Starpoint Resort Group reviews a visit to San Miguel de Allende. This location is a quaint small town that is perfect for the traveler looking to do some local shopping while in Mexico. Alongside the impressive 17th century architecture and the craft shops that can be found lining the street, San Miguel de Allende also boasts beautiful botanical gardens for visitors to see.

When travelers are tired from a long day of exploring the town, there are also a variety of local restaurants to feast at.

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